Monday, 22 October 2012

Chana price down:- M.P. Gujarat, MCX NCDEX tips

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Chana price down in different states: - M.P. Maharashtra and Gujarat  
Madhya Pradesh:- Desi chana M.P. price quoted down Rs 25-35 per quoted. And masoor quoted down Rs 20-50 quoted and moong surprise down 100 quoted. But Urad offered unchanged in the interior market of Madhya Pradesh.
Gujarat Chana quoted down on Rs 50 weak demand. 

GOLD SILVER TIPS:- Today Commodity market bearish and stabile moments, MCX gold and Silver is nearly down trends with red flag. Currently Gold is trading on MCX at Rs 31132 with -155 Rs down and Silver is more flat in the market. Currently silver is price on MCX at Rs 59727 down with 114 Rs. MCX Base metals all product down and weak in the market. Like: - Aluminum 104.8(-0.8), Copper 433.65 (-1.4), Lead 113 (-0.25), Nickel 908.5 (-5.5), Zinc 99.95 (-0.1).  

MCX NCDEX trading tips
Silver SELL Dec below 59850 SL 59977 Targets 59785-59600.
Jeera SELL Nov below 15350 SL 15410 Targets 15320-15250.
Soybean SELL Nov below 680 SL 700 Targets 670-647.
Menthaoil SELL Oct below 1146 SL 1152 Targets 1143-1136.


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